Carbon Footprint:

2 square meters of Cotton is equivalent to:
8.3kg CO2e
42.2 km of driving
214 m3 of CO2 Gas

Carbon footprints are based on many factors that are in flux, for example where a product is made, what fuels that energy system uses, how far it has to travel to reach its end destination and so on. For this reason, the carbon footprint of any individual product will change. The numbers provided are overall representations of carbon footprint provided to give context about what is generally higher or lower, not individual calculations for your own individual situation.

Amount of CO2 Gas

Compared to the size of a human.

2 square meters of Cotton is equivalent to 214m3 of CO2 Gas.

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Source information

Based on 150gsm material.

Table 21 "A Carbon Footprint for UK Clothing and Opportunities for Savings" - Bernie Thomas, Matt Fishwick, James Joyce and Anton van Santen. Copyright.

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