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The Carbon Footprint of everyday products and activities.

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Hello person of earth!

I built this website in my spare time but due to financial trouble and increasing work hours, I am struggling to keep it updated and respond to requests. I have spent over $1000 to keep this online over the last few years - not including my time spent building it.

I built this to help people get easier access to a clearer perspective on the emissions of everyday products. I didn't know if anyone would actually use it. Since then the website has received more attention than I ever expected, and I love that people are finding it useful so I have kept paying for it to stay online at my own personal expense.

If I was able to receive some small donations, it would help me to put time towards updating this project and responding to requests. What may seem like a small amount truly could make a big difference in helping me to keep this project alive.

Thank you for even reading this, and have a lovely day. We're in this together.

If you would like to, you can buy me a coffee here to donate: